Kramer & Sons receives grant from Humanities Council

Meridian Hill Pictures is pleased to announce that Kramer & Sons received a small planning grant from the Humanities Council of DC. The $1,500 grant will support further research delving into the archives to collect photo, film and primary sources to weave together with the already filmed stories of the Kramer family’s former meat and produce store.

The Humanities Council Grant will also support time conducting additional oral history interviews with the current diverse market shopkeepers — particularly those of African, Caribbean, Latin American and Asian descent. The grant will allow our team to research ways in which new neighborhood development interests and changes within the market itself have impacted longtime shopkeepers. The grant will also support additional filming in the market with current businesses, which together with the archival material and current interview footage will form a new trailer for the project used in future development and outreach efforts.

Small grants from the Humanities Council of Washington DC funds general public humanities projects, and is usually sought by applicants seeking to conduct preliminary research and planning. The grant was accepted by Stone Soup Films, Kramer & Sons' non-profit fiscal sponsor.

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